[Development Funding Report] DFID Disbursement Data

New insights from DFID disbursement data

With fewer partners receiving funding directly from DFID, knowing which organizations are receiving funds, how much, and through which division is critical in order to succeed as a contractor or subcontractor.  

Dfid disbursement data preview

In 2018, DFID saw a 7% decline in disbursements — a total of £8.6 billion ($11.13 billion) compared to £9.2 billion the previous year. 

So, what does the future of the delivery of the U.K. aid program look like? By analyzing all disbursements through the UK open data portal from 2011-2018, Devex has determined which organizations have received the most funding so you can better position your organization for success.  

Download the PDF now and learn:  

  • Who the top 20 private sector and NGO/CSO disbursement recipients were in 2017 and 2018  
  • How DFID’s program focus is evolving based on the change in value awarded to partners and divisions  
  • The changes to the total amount disbursed by DFID each year since 2011  
  • A breakdown of funds by DFID division in 2017 and 2018  

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