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Get the customized recruitment support you need to hire hard-to-fill positions or connect with experts for your next proposal. With 15 years of experience working with leading development organizations, our team will deliver a seamless candidate sourcing experience.  

Fill your capacity gaps in a cost-effective way

Our team will quickly identify those hard-to-find candidates and help fill capacity gaps when you have a hiring surge. By strategically focusing on the specific pain point of finding qualified leads that feed into your own hiring process, our service is much more cost-effective than a standard executive search elsewhere.  

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Our well-connected team of recruiters will deliver a tailored shortlist of 3-8 vetted and interested candidates in two weeks.

Find the right talent

Our team of recruiters has deep expertise in working with global development employers. From entry-level candidates to senior executives, our team speaks your language and has a nuanced understanding of the kinds of candidates your organization needs. Over the past five years alone, we have sourced 350+ positions for a wide range of technical, field and headquarters positions.

What our clients are saying

"UNOPS has used Devex Candidate Sourcing for several senior positions - often in remote or challenging environments. The Devex team demonstrates honesty and professionalism delivering shortlists effectively and efficiently." 

- Kirsten Fonager, Human Resources Associate, UNOPS

"Devex was crucial in my recent career move.The application process was straightforward and easy, and now I am working in a great job in West Africa."

-Catherine Belfield-Haines, Director of Communications, eHealth Africa 

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Get to know our team

Katrina Roxas, Team Lead

A skilled sourcer, Katrina leads a team of recruitment specialists who understand the unique talent needs of global development employers. She has helped place hundreds of candidates from mid-level field positions to high-level executives for a wide range of international NGOs, consulting firms, multilateral organizations and development banks including The Global Fund, World Bank, UNHCR, UNOPS, and, UNICEF.

Krystle Sevilla, Project Manager 

Krystle has extensive experience in sourcing and identifying top talent for mid- to executive-level positions across the global development sector. Whether it is a single position or a large-scale hiring initiative, she manages each step of the process to ensure a superior experience for both employers and candidates.

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